Cellulose Insulation

You wouldn’t leave your windows open when your heating and cooling system is running-that would be a waste of energy. But without high-quality insulation, you’re still throwing money away. At Fortkamp Foam, we help our customers lower their heating and cooling bills through high-performance cellulose insulation.

We install both dry loose fill cellulose, as well as “wet” sprayed. Manufactured from 100% recycled newspaper, Energy Control cellulose has some of the highest quality standards in the industry.


A smart alternative to fiberglass, cellulose is both effective and environmentally friendly. And it offers more than just energy savings. With cellulose insulation from Fortkamp Foam, you’ll also enjoy a warmer indoor environment in the winter and a cooler one in the summer.


  • Cellulose insulation is the safest and most effective
  • Helps reduce waste, recycled paper products are used to make Cellulose Insulation
  • Cellulose insulation is the most cost effective form of insulation
  • Increased fire and mold resistant because it’s treated with Boric Acid
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Blown Cellulose

Blown cellulose can be installed in new or existing structures. It is favored in attic applications because you can blow unrestricted depths of fiber to achieve deep coverage and maximum R-Value with very little labor. With a capacity to blow up to 120 bags per hour, no job is too big!

Sprayed Cellulose

A great solution for new construction or open wall renovation. Dry cellulose is blown through a water mist which allows the fibers to stick into the cavity and to each other. This allows them to nest tightly and to conform to non-uniform cavities sealing off gaps and cracks.

Drill & Fill Cellulose

In existing structures where there is a lack of, or insufficient insulation we are able to add insulation by drilling a hole in the wall cavity and dense packing dry cellulose into each wall cavity.

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